Do it all

Manage your classroom, run your center, and engage with parents.

Feature by Feature

Built for your workflows, your goals, your community.


Digital check-in

Check in students and staff using digital signatures, secure pin codes, and quick scan.

Kiosk mode

Easily lock the app to be used as a self-service kiosk.

Attendance reports

Run reports for licensing, billing, and management.

Mark absent

Track student absences in addition to attendance.


See real-time student to teacher ratios.

Guardian managment

Manage additional approved people for drop off or pick up.

Digital daily sheets

Digital daily sheets

Automate daily reports with activities, notes, photos, and videos – personalized for each of your families.

Photos & videos

Capture learning milestones and memorable moments, and seamlessly share with parents.

Incident reports

Report and track mishaps throughout the day to include in digital daily reports.

Menus & food

Input the food items you want to tag and track.


Record naps per child or per group with a simple tap.


Track diaper changes, potty breaks, or accidents per child or as a group.

Learning platform

Learning & assessments

Record student progress with text or voice, then share with parents, or only with staff.

State learning & DRDP standards

Benefit from pre-loaded state learning standards as well as DRDP standards.

Customized assets

Customize your learning standards to meet the needs of your development framework.

Media rich assessments

Observe learning progress live with photos, videos, and notes to align with learning frameworks.

Data rich reports

Track and analyze student or classroom progress with data-rich reports.

Sharing controls

Share learning and development with staff and parents on your own schedule.

Easy billing


Invoice parents and accept payments automatically.


Collect payments with the same system you use for enrollment, check-in, photos, messaging, and more.


Accept bank deposits, credit/debit cards, checks, or cash – your choice.


Deposits reach your account as fast as same day.

Billing discounts & subsidies

Create itemized discounts (fixed and percent-based) for plans and invoices.

Built for you

Send weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly invoices to manage your business the way you need.

Center management

Roster & enrollment management

Manage student rosters and enrollment.

Immunization & allergy records

Manage immunization records for every student and reference student allergies on your home screen.

Detailed reporting

Immediate access to all your school, classroom, and billing information, as well as CACFP reports to meet reimbursement criteria.

Time clock & ratios

Secure staff check-in with real-time student teacher ratios for all your rooms.

Payroll reports

Create automated reports to sum up the total number of hours worked for your timecards with staff check-in.

Director accounts & approvals

Differentiated levels of access for staff members.

Parent engagement

Family contact info

Store and manage family contact details.

Parent messaging

Stay in touch with families and message all parents at once as needed.

Photos & videos

Deliver memorable moments right to parents’ phones or on the web.

Emergency alerts

Easily send alerts – including SMS and mobile messages.


Send quick reminders with date and time.


Schedule events and activities.

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